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Test Automation Suite- Selenium , Oracle or FireFlink

Test automation has recently offered a viable alternative for improving the effectiveness and quality of software. Business organizations are evaluating how Oracle Test Automation can deliver end-to-end testing for their cloud architecture following the introduction of the Oracle Cloud. More and more businesses are trying to leverage the capabilities of the Oracle Cloud, and they need a reliable test automation tool to shorten the turnaround time and ensure continuous delivery.

The good news is that there are various Test Automation products available in the market right now, such as OATS, Selenium, and FireFlink.

Let’s discuss them in detail:


An open-source tool that automates web browsers. It provides a single interface that allows you to write test scripts in programming languages such as Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, among others.

The drawback of Selenium is that you must know how to code to set up and manage your tests, which can make testing with Selenium difficult and time-consuming in the long term, especially if your system is large and complex like those of many other businesses utilizing Oracle. Selenium is challenging to maintain and offers no tools for test reporting or troubleshooting, making fixing failed tests challenging and time-consuming. Also, it does not support automation of any desktop-based Oracle apps or other non-web technologies because it only supports browser-based applications.

OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite)

Oracle’s own test automation tool that is compatible with every Oracle application. The fact that OATS is fully compatible with Oracle’s own apps should not come as a surprise. The process of designing and setting up tests is further simplified by the inclusion of built-in automation components that can be used with Oracle’s applications.

However, OATS has several drawbacks. The first is that it can only automate Oracle and web-based products, similar to Selenium, which limits its cross-technology flexibility. Compared to other test automation technologies on the market, OATS is more expensive. Oracle testing requires in-depth familiarity with the OpenScript programming language, which presents a challenge for non-technical teams. Additional tools are needed for Oracle test automation to cover all aspects of the test.


An innovative no-code automation tool designed to overcome the limitations and challenges of traditional tools. FireFlink provides several features in one platform, such as a rich UI-based approach of scripting in simple English language based on NLP (Natural language) techniques, support for cross-platform end-to-end integration based on web, mobile, and API, building blocks to run tests with different datasets for each scenario, and no-code platform that requires no typical programming skills, but includes the ability to create custom NLPs to support project-specific solutions by writing one’s own libraries.

FireFlink provides additional benefits such as support for parallel execution, cross-browser compatibility, deployment of third-party web clouds, dashboards, analytics, and reporting for the Oracle cloud-based platform. Moreover, FireFlink has a pool of 8,000+ engineers on board who can support and build complete suites for different client engagement models.

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