Test Automation and Performance Testing for DevOps Platform

Contract Title : Time and Material + Maintenance

Contract Start Date: 1 Dec 2017

Contract Duration: Ongoing

Client Details:

Customer is a leading global IT behemoth.

Project Scope: The platform is designed with six independent Pods that interact with each other. The Pods work like a federation of empowered business units. This design supports pod-specific digital market places and contains specialized ecosystem partners for each Pod. This approach improves maintenance and provide a contigeous delivery model, based on the built in Point of Delivery (PoD) approach.

Solution Approach
  • The overall system architecture is as illustrated:

  • The areas in scope were UI and the webservices that needed to be automated.
  • BDD approach was required and all features and user stories would be provided by the business owners.
  • Single automation platform was setup to automate both UI and the webservices to better manage reporting and tracking across all pods.
  • More than 600 user stories automation on both UI and API.
  • DevOps cultural integration of infrastructure was automated to spin up and down instances for test execution as and when required.
  • Performance testing was planned using JMeter for 10,000 users by utilizing cloud infra for load generation.
  • Results analysed against benchmarks and possible remediation steps were proposed.
  • Single framework and reporting provided better data management.
  • Tests run in DevOps pipeline with zero downtime.
  • BDD approach to better integrate with business teams.
  • Modifications and New Test Automation takes less time due to BDD.

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