We transform browsers into regular travellers with our range of technological solutions

An overview

The global pandemic had a profound impact on the travel and tourism industry. Travel Technology is being deployed for business and personal travel to automate travel and related processes, save time, reduce costs, improve accuracy and convenience, and generally create a more seamless and positive travel experience. Travel as we have known it is being completely transformed. Current Travel & Tourism trends include the following advacned technologies:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) with graphical overlays to provide travellers with everything from seat selection to a taste of the destination
  • 7 x 24 Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Chatbots to guide travellers through an array of add-on travel and destination options.
  • Big Data to drive deep customer personalization, acquisition, and loyalty.
  • Mobile app enablement for destination selection, options, purchase, ticketing, and contactless payment.
  • Smart hotels voice search, facial recognition, and IoT interconnectivity (destination information, remote check-in, room temperature, lights, unlocking doors, smart speakers, dispensing machines, and payment).
  • Robotic conceriage at hotels for luggage, cleaning, food delivery services, and security.

Test Yantra Global has partnered with a number of travel and tourism companies to help develop and drive digital transformation solutions. Our team has the required domain skills and experience to implement cutting-edge technology solutions that will transition your business to the forefront of digital transformation.