One stop solution for online learning and assessment, tailored to suit every individual’s needs.

Whether you are a passionate professional with a keen understanding of a particular skill that you want to teach the world or a company owner looking at polishing the skills of your employees, Skillrary is the platform that you are looking for. An online learning and assessment platform tailored to suit every individual’s needs, Skillrary provides computer-based training and e-learning in a range of subjects. It also makes curating and launching a course a quick and easy affair. 

With courses on varied subjects like design, marketing, business and AI, learners can opt for anything that excites them or suits their business requirements. Skillrary’s courses also involve a variety of multimedia elements, including graphics, audios, videos and web links. Be it self-paced or real-time, each course caters to an individual’s needs.

The platform is also coupled with assessments for you to rate the skills of your learners or employees. So far, the trainers of Skillrary have conducted over 87,000 lectures; created more than 99,000 videos and trained over 354,000 students in over 14,000 courses.

Join the community of Skillrary to sharpen your skills and make learning a fun and wholesome experience.