We use technologies like hybrid cloud, DA and AI to provide solutions to our healthcare clients

In a world that’s still coming to terms with the pandemic, the healthcare industry has gone through a significant transformation to meet the changing needs of society. Digital transformation in healthcare has generally lagged other industries, however, online consultations and telemedicine adoption have improved on-demand care.

Digital tranformation trends in healthcare include the use of technology to streamline physicians work, optimize operational systems, improving patient outcomes, reducing human error, and lower costs through improved web and mobile experiences. Healthcare technology will enable patients to receive better treatment with virtual reality tools and wearable medical devices (heart rate sensors, exercise trackers, oximeters, blood sugar monitoring, and AI enabled medical devices for oncology). VR technology will be used to treat pain, anxiety, stroke, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Physicians can streamline their workflows using artificial intelligence AI-powered systems. Improved interoperability with API’s and Blockchain technology will enable providers to connect, unify, and act on patients electronic health records. Big Data is being used to better understand the shifting healthcare needs of the community, develop preventative care plans, and drive lower rates of medication error. As well, 5G and Augmented Reality (AR) will enable first responders to improve critical care and surgeons to perform remote robotic surgeries.

Test Yantra Global uses technologies like hybrid cloud, Data Analytics (DA) and AI to assist its healthcare clients by designing secure platforms and creating a well-connected data-rich ecosystem. With innovative ideas and advanced technological solutions, Test Yantra Global is well prepared to digitally transform your healthcare organization.