A Platform That Simplifies Web Application Testing!
FireFlink offers a future-oriented approach to automated testing by providing natural language processing (NLP)-based scripts that can perform end-to-end web testing without the need for extensive coding. FireFlink's powerful NLP technology, you can write simple English-based test scripts, saving you time and effort that would have been spent on building heavily coded test scripts. Test Yantra Global as FireFlink’s ‘Exclusive Service Platinum Partner’, enables you to concentrate on developing more meaningful test scripts much faster with less resources.

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Script-less Web Automation

This approach for testing web applications uses natural language processing (NLP) and provides comprehensive visual reporting and analytics, resulting in a high-speed automation process.
  • Converting manual test cases into automation test scripts through mapping.
  • A user-friendly interface for setting up test data, pre- and post-conditions, as well as dependencies.
  • Multiple Techniques of Script Execution
  • Analysis of results at both  script and suite level.
  • Tags usage  to expedite result analysis.

FireFlink, for all Web Testing Services

With our multi-channel testing platform, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your testing requirements, making us your one-stop destination. Check out our products and begin your FireFlink journey today!
Web App Functionality Testing

Web App Functionality Testing

With FireFlink, you can be confident that your web application will undergo rigorous testing well before the scheduled deadline. By testing frequently or before deployment, any bugs in your web app can be easily identified and fixed.
Web App Functionality Testing

Web App Integration Testing

FireFlink has robust integration testing capabilities that assess the functionality of a product or program once all its components are assembled. By leveraging FireFlink for integration testing, you can be assured that the integrated components function correctly, and end-to-end testing is performed with the utmost efficiency.
Web App Regression Testing

Web App Regression Testing

Whether you have implemented a new feature or fixed a bug, FireFlink can be your reliable companion for performing regression testing to detect any potential new issues. This regression test acts as a vital checkpoint on your journey towards progress.
Web App Regression Testing

Web App Compatibility Testing

With advanced parallel execution mechanisms and insightful reports, FireFlink conducts tests to verify the compatibility of your web application with different browsers, databases, operating systems, mobile devices, networks, and hardware. This approach ensures that your web app appears correctly on all these platforms.
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Supports multiple platforms

FireFlink makes it feasible to develop test scripts that run across a variety of OSs and browser versions.
  • Rapid and scalable executions.
  • Compatible with a wide range of browsers & OS platforms.
  • Single suites configurable to execute on multiple environments.
Ai Infused FireFlink

Enforces test automation standards

FireFlink’s unique architecture is a blend of all the best practices in the test automation engineering domain, which enforces standards and discipline for test engineers without compromising on implementation speed.
  •  Suggestions to remove the unused variables in scripts
  • To remove the hard-coded inputs in scripts
  • To remove hard-coded waits in scripts

Custom NLPs

FireFlink's integrated NLP capabilities can cover as much as 90% of the tasks involved in automated testing. Moreover, users can create their own custom NLPs in FireFlink, which

Create custom NLPs in any programming language

Custom NLP’s can be imported across multiple projects

Custom NLPs

Steps Reusability

When using the agile methodology, application changes occur frequently. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize fast script development while maintaining reusability and maintainability. FireFlink's step group feature enables users to view a well-organized tree structure, promoting reusability.
FireFlink suggests repetitive test steps into a step group

Hassle-free management of Pre & Post conditions with Step group

multiple browsers

Accelerate Web Application Automation Testing

With the introduction of the extreme agile development process, applications are being produced at a rapid pace, while test automation is falling behind. With FireFlink by your side, the search for a fast automation platform is over.

Users can generate test scripts 4x faster than before with Fireflink's natural language processing (NLP)-based automation scripting technology, while retaining the same degree of reliability, proving to be the right fit for your extreme agile application development methodology.
  • Highly reliable automation test scripts
  • Faster script development with simple English steps
  • Re-usable & maintainable automation test steps
  • Manual Test engineers can automate
  • Build massive UI elements repo in just a few clicks

AI-Infused Distributed Execution of Web Automated Scripts

As test cycles get shorter, the demand for rapid execution of test suites grows. The automatic distribution approach allows users to run the suites faster by optimally distributing the scripts across numerous machines, lowering both the time and duration required to execute the web automation test suites.
  • Enables faster execution
  • Optimal distribution based on multiple ML-based parameters
  • Multiple alternatives for users for faster Suite Execution
Test Execution Report
multiple browsers

A Straightforward Regression Testing Method for Web Applications

Build your regression test suites by simply selecting the relevant test scripts based on the testing preconditions and executing them using the various execution mechanisms provided by FireFlink.
  • Execution of same automation test suites in multiple environments
  • Detailed, graphically rich reports
  • Suite execution result analysis is simpler