FireFlink is a high-speed test automation platform, the way forward for agile software testing. FireFlink is a groundbreaking advancement in scriptless testing and providing end-to-end test automation for web, Android, iOS, and API tests. Test Yantra Global , ‘Exclusive Service Platinum Partner’ of FireFlink', enables you to achieve Digital Transformation efficiently with better ROI.
  • Scriptless
  • Tagging” for quicker result analysis
  • BuiltIn version control system
  • Highly templatized platform
  • Enforces automation standards

FireFlink Solutions

FireFlink is an all-in-one solution that comes with a simple interface, enabling effortless automation for everyone.
Web Automation Testing


The automation of web applications is moving towards a codeless approach using straightforward NLP-based scripts that can easily handle various actions and verifications. FireFlink combines all the commonly used test automation framework types and more, making it the ideal solution.
  • NLP based scripting
  • Automation scripts are mapped directly to test cases
  • Separate sections for test development and test execution phases
  • A single script can contain web, android, iOS, and API steps


Web application automation is moving towards processes that do not require coding, instead relying on easy-to-use NLP-based scripts to manage various actions and verifications. FireFlink incorporates a wide range of test automation frameworks, as well as additional features, to create the ideal solution.
  • Instant test setup
  • A single mobile script can run on both Android and iOS apps
  • No maximum number of devices for concurrent execution, unlike other tools
  • A single suite can be configured to run on multiple environment
Mobile Automation Testing
API Automation Testing

API Automation Testing

Effortlessly generate test scripts for Web Services. Our Web Service testing solution enables you to rapidly and thoroughly test the intricate layers of Web Services in just a matter of minutes. Get ready to dive deep into testing with ease.
  • Scripting language expertise is not required
  • Manual API test steps converted to API automation scripts
  • Hassle free management of custom assertions
  • Rich reporting feature

Visual Testing

The familiarity of developers, marketers, and product owners with a website may cause them to overlook issues that actual users may notice. It is crucial to gather such feedback from real users as it helps improve the quality of products and services offered to customers. FireFlink provides convenient solutions for UX testing.
  • Using NLP for User Experience
  • UX testing evaluation facilities included into the test script at every test step
  • Ability to omit unwanted parts of the Golden Image
  • A visual testing score is presented for every comparison
Visual Testing
UI Performance Testing

UI Performance Testing

The quality of a website or app's user interface directly affects its success. With FireFlink's visual testing capabilities, users can discover efficient testing techniques that enhance the usability of the user interface and eliminate any problems that could cause customer dissatisfaction.
  • Criteria for auditing performance tests
  • NLP to effectively test user interfaces
  • Page analysis snapshots taken at any point during testing
  • Compatible with a wide variety of platforms, from desktops to mobile phones
  • Delivers test case performance reports

Manual Test Case management

FireFlink simplifies the management of manual test cases by offering a user-friendly interface that enables test engineers to easily understand and fulfill testing requirements. It allows for efficient test case management by providing a one-to-one mapping of manual test case entries with their corresponding automation test scripts.
  • Mapping Test Cases to their corresponding automation scripts
  • Clear traceability with tree structure view
  • Customizable manual test case templates
  • Generation of manual test execution result analytics
Manual Test Case management
Defect Management

Defect Management

FireFlink's defect management system offers essential feedback to enhance the software development process. It provides a reliable solution for tracking bugs and ensuring software quality assurance, enabling smooth software releases.
  • Customizable defect templates
  • Configurable defect life cycle templates
  • Easy defect logging upon automation step failure
  • Auto generation of ‘Steps to reproduce the defects’ in the issue.
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Unique Features of FireFlink Platform

Test Management Platform

Test Management

FireFlink consolidates all testing resources into a single platform, offering a comprehensive suite of services that includes automation script development, manual test case management, and defect tracking, among others, all within one integrated solution.
Highly Templatized Platform

Highly Templatized

FireFlink enables users to automate manual test case management and defect tracking through user-designed templates. This feature allows for the creation and customization of templates, as well as access to preloaded execution results, dashboards, and analytics.
Effortless Element Locator

Effortless Element
Locator Generation

With FireFlink-Finder, generating locators is just a single click away. This tool effectively creates an extensive repository of UI elements, handles dynamic UI, and intelligently generates optimal locators for all types of software applications, including those on the web, mobile, or enterprise platforms.
Scriptless - NLP Techniques

Scriptless - NLP

FireFlink makes writing automation test scripts as straightforward as creating manual test cases. Using natural language processing, 95% of automation requirements are fulfilled, allowing users to simply input an action or verification statement and start developing the test script.
Data-Driven Tests


FireFlink allows for the iteration of tests on the same automation test script using extensive data from an external document in any format. With its intuitive and robust user interface, testing multiple data sets in an iterative manner becomes effortless.

A Dedicated Section
for Execution

FireFlink provides a separate section for running test suites, which allows for the segregation of test development and execution components. This feature simplifies the maintenance of automation scripts.
Ai Infused FireFlink

Enforces test automation standards

FireFlink’s unique architecture is a blend of all the best practices in the test automation engineering domain, which enforces standards and discipline for test engineers without compromising on implementation speed.
  • Suggestions to remove the unused variables in scripts
  • To remove the hard-coded inputs in scripts
  • To remove hard-coded waits in scripts
multiple browsers

Accelerate Web Application Automation Testing

With the introduction of the extreme agile development process, applications are being produced at a rapid pace, while test automation is falling behind. With FireFlink by your side, the search for a fast automation platform is over.

Users can generate test scripts 4x faster than before with Fireflink's natural language processing (NLP)-based automation scripting technology, while retaining the same degree of reliability, proving to be the right fit for your extreme agile application development methodology.
  • Highly reliable automation test scripts
  • Faster script development with simple English steps
  • Re-usable & maintainable automation test steps
  • Manual Test engineers can automate
  • Build massive UI elements repo in just a few clicks

AI-Infused Distributed Execution of Web Automated Scripts

As test cycles get shorter, the demand for rapid execution of test suites grows. The automatic distribution approach allows users to run the suites faster by optimally distributing the scripts across numerous machines, lowering both the time and duration required to execute the web automation test suites.
  • Enables faster execution
  • Optimal distribution based on multiple ML-based parameters
  • Multiple alternatives for users for faster Suite Execution
Test Execution Report
multiple browsers

A Straightforward Regression Testing Method for Web Applications

Build your regression test suites by simply selecting the relevant test scripts based on the testing preconditions and executing them using the various execution mechanisms provided by FireFlink.
  • Execution of same automation test suites in multiple environments
  • Detailed, graphically rich reports
  • Suite execution result analysis is simpler