Visual Testing or User testing plays a crucial part in assessing the apps user-friendliness and ease with which a user can interact with it. Test Yantra Global as FireFlink’s ‘Exclusive Service Platinum Partner’, enables effortless testing and provides swift solution for better App and UI experience.
  • Built-in NLPs for UX tests
  • Visually-Rich Reports
  • Actual Image vs Golden Image Comparisons
  • Include or Exclude a portion of the actual image for the image comparison

FireFlink- Visual Testing Solution

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What is User Experience Testing

What is User Experience Testing ?

Usability testing, also referred to as User Experience testing, focuses on gauging the satisfaction levels of your clients by assessing their emotions and experiences during product usage. This evaluation primarily revolves around the seamless functionality, user-friendliness, and overall contentment of the users.

Why is UX Testing Important ?

Conducting UX testing is vital for businesses as it enables them to gain insights into their customers' preferences and dislikes regarding the features of their application. Real users often uncover issues that developers, marketers, and product owners may overlook due to their familiarity with the website. Such valuable information can be leveraged to improve the overall quality and user experience of the application.
Why is UX Testing Important
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How does a test engineer perform UX tests within FireFlink?

FireFlink offers three solutions for hassle-free, UX testing

Using NLP for UX Testing

Use simple English steps for User Experience Testing
  • The FireFlink platform includes NLPs for generating UX test reports.
  • Achieving UX Testing is as easy as calling these NLPs with the right parameters.
  • Users simply need to make use of the FireFlink’s built-in NLPs to carry out UX test automation.

Automation Process

UX testing integrated into test scripts at every test step.

To further simplify the UX testing process, the test steps include a checkbox for generating a UX test report.
  • When it comes to using the test step, all you have to do is check the option for UX testing.
  • UX tests can be performed at any automation step. Reports are provided for easy UX test analysis.
Automation Process
FireFlink Client

FireFlink Client

User Experience Evaluation of the ACTUAL IMAGE with the GOLDEN IMAGE, UX testing can be completed in minutes with the below steps.
  • Go to the website being tested in the UX tab, select the area of the screen you want to capture, and then click the “Take a snap” button
  • Simply upload your “golden image,” a picture with all of your ideal settings, and then specify the minimum acceptable confidence level
  • Remove the parts of the golden image that you do not wish to compare
  • Examine the results to see if the predicted and calculated confidence scores match

Visual Tests on a Variety of

Utilize FireFlink to validate if the user experience aligns with the intended front-end blueprint. Run tests across various operating systems, browsers, devices, and testing methodologies to ensure comprehensive coverage.
Test Execution Report
multiple browsers

Pixel-by-Pixel Comparison

During the visual testing procedures, FireFlink conducts pixel-level analysis. After the UX test, even the smallest details will have a crucial impact on generating the comprehensive performance report.

Test Execution Report - A Highly Templated Platform

The execution report provides information about the status of the test effort, including the overall quality of the web application and the test execution progress against the planned progress.
  • Insights on the application stability
  • Graphical representation of quality trend
  • Platform wise stability report
  • Highly templatized platform for multi formats of reports,analytics & dashboard
inbuilt frame work