Deploy your manual test cases with FireFlink
Test Yantra Global as ‘Exclusive Service Platinum Partner’ of FireFlink enables users to effortlessly add and associate manual test case entries with their corresponding automation test scripts. This functionality assists users in effectively organizing and preserving their test cases.
  • Well organised tree structure view
  • Multiple ready to use test case templates
  • Easy custom template creation
  • Generation of manual test execution result analytics
  • Merge manual test execution results with automation


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Store your Manual Test Cases within FireFlink rather than maintaining them in separate tools ?

FireFlink simplifies the management and organization of manual test cases, eliminating the need for additional platforms or tools for manual test case management.
With its rich set of features, FireFlink aids users in quickly understanding and addressing the comprehensive needs of test engineers for manual test case management..

Tie in your Manual Test Cases to their associated Automation Test Scripts

FireFlink utilizes advanced capabilities to improve the maintainability of manual test cases and supports direct mapping of manual test cases to descriptive automation test scripts that correspond to the test scenario.
This straightforward approach enables test engineers to easily understand the process, resulting in enhanced traceability.
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Multiple Templates for Manual Test Creation

FireFlink offers the flexibility to incorporate project-specific test case templates by providing the option to utilize any of the platform's default pre-defined templates. Furthermore, you have the ability to create your own test case template from scratch, allowing for complete customization including the inclusion of specific fields in the template's header or column headings.

Merge Manual Test Execution Results with Automation Suite Results

Using FireFlink, you can combine your manual test cases and automated test scripts into a unified suite. When the automation suite is executed, the results are automatically populated. Meanwhile, the test engineer updates the results of manual test execution to generate the aggregated results of the suite's execution. This consolidated view is valuable for management to assess the overall quality of the build.
Manual Test Case management
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FireFlink- Manual Test Cases, Principle Characteristics

Functional Testing

Traceability of manual test cases with automation scripts

The hierarchical view of modules in a tree structure, combined with the one-on-one mapping of manual test cases and their corresponding automation scripts, enhances traceability for the project team throughout the testing process and automation coverage.

Unit Testing

Customized Template

In addition to the default templates, FireFlink offers functionalities that allow custom building of manual test case templates to align with any organization’s standard structure for test case development.

Navigation Report

Rich Manual Test result analytics

FireFlink not only generates reports and analytics for the results of automated test suites but also facilitates the generation of reports for manual test suite execution. Users can customize the formats of manual test execution results and analytics by adding report and analytics templates.

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Export & Import Test Cases

FireFlink allows for the manual import of test cases from various sources and file formats. Test cases created within the FireFlink platform can also be exported and utilized in other environments.

Test Case Execution Report

Within the Test Development area of FireFlink, manual test cases are created, and their execution can be conducted through test case suites, which consist of groups of test cases. FireFlink provides a comprehensive, well-formatted report overview of test case executions, offering insights into manual test execution across platforms. Moreover, manual test execution results can be combined with automation results to generate a unified summary result, presenting overall test execution statistics. The emailable reports ensure that stakeholders have continuous access to comprehensive insights regarding test execution.

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