Our team of professional educators and world-class remote learning tools, technology, and training facilities provide a competitive edge for you and your business.

Elevate – The IT Finishing School

A finishing school from Test Yantra Global, Elevate’s SkillRary remote learning and assessment platform helps businesses and individuals. Businesses can use the SkillRary platform to educate their learner through standard or customized courses, and live or pre-recorded courses. The assessment element of SkillRary provides feedback on knowledge transfer and retention. Novice and experienced learners can use the library of various business and technology coures upskills and reskill, hone their technical skills and elevate their careers.

Our team of professional educators have leveraged the SkillRary platform to bridge the gap between knowledge and industry requirements by helping hundreds of thousands of people build the skills that they require to succeed.


Qspider is Test Yantra Global’s instructor led training brand. Qspider is one of the largest providers of remote learning and classroom based instructor led technology training courses. Qspider’s is the perfect enhancement to our SkillRary learning and assessment platform, and is specifically intended for learners that require the additionals benefit of a live classroom engagement and interaction.

As one of the largest training centers in the world and with a variety of courses, including ISTQB certified trainers, QSpiders and SkillRary are a perfect combination for people who wish to have a rewarding in-demand career in the growing IT sector.

Corporations around the world regularly hire our trained and certified graduates. With 95,000+ graduates, over 3,000+ companies hire almost 4,000 of our graduates every month!


JSpiders offers a wide range of courses in the area of Java development and helps job aspirants get their dream jobs. We have centres across the world and bridge the gap between education and the demands of the industry. We transform dreamers into successful professionals and have placed thousands of job aspirants in the some of the world’s best corporates.