We digitally transform educational institutions by providing out-of-the-box technological solutions

The pace of digital transformation in the education sector has accelerated immensely over the past few years. From primary to higher education to professional and domain specific workplace training, education has seen a significant shift towards cloud based enagement and delivery platforms. Education has become ubiquitous and institutions have transformed into knowledge-on-demand centers of excellence.

Current digital transformation trends in education include Virtual, Augmented, Extended, and Mixed Reality (MR) delivery mechanisms with personalized on-demand learning.

We have gained valuable education domain skills and insight through our experiance of having built own full-suite SkillRary training and assessment platform, built and managed 50+ live and active training locations with 700,000+ students trained on various technology and business programs, and partnered with 1,000+ colleges, university, and corporate training teams. Test Yantra Global is well positioned to guide your education digital transformation journey.

Digital training for students

Learning never ends when it’s fun and creative and each person has his or her unique way of learning. Today’s youngsters are ready to touch the skies, but they need the right push to do so. Unfortunately, a huge gap between education and employment stares us in the eye and this divide needs to be bridged as soon as possible. There is a growing need for youngsters to be more job-ready and Test Yantra Global bridges the gap between education and on-the-job learning by offering various courses on technology, that help youngsters find a secure place in the job market.

Under the guidance of friendly mentors, who put themselves in the shoes of the students and help them get a 360 degree view of the job market, TY Global provides solutions and services that can help one personalize learning, increase research capacity and optimize operations.

Streak of technology in institutes

With online classes, apps and websites slowly taking over the world of textbooks, there is a growing need for educational institutes to collaborate with leading IT players and digitally transform themselves. Students and teachers too want to experience learning with the best technology from the comfort of their homes. One of the most promising technology providers in the market, Test Yantra Global provides strategic plans to educational institutions to help them overcome all their technical issues. We use technologies like cloud, AI, VR and AR to offer personalized e-learning solutions like virtual learning and software to institutes to manage their day-to-day activities.  

Come to Test Yantra Global to craft phenomenal learning experiences and deliver excellence to the bright young minds of tomorrow.