Simplified Defect Management from Test Yantra Global as FireFlink's ‘Exclusive Service Platinum Partner’
  • Built-in Defect Management feature
  • Custom defects creation templates
  • Define your defect life cycle
  • Auto generation of ‘Steps to reproduce the defects’
  • Auto population of ‘Environment Details’


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Defect Details Templates FIREFLINK

Defect Details Templates can be customized according to your needs

In the software development life cycle, it is essential to effectively communicate identified defects to the cross-functional team members, providing them with all the necessary details. FireFlink streamlines this process, allowing for easy sharing of defect information in a customized format tailored to the project's specific requirements.

Defect life cycle templates can be customized

In each project, defect management varies in its approach. FireFlink offers the flexibility to define your preferred format for defect communication, as well as customize defect stages according to the specific requirements of the project.
Software Testing Penetration Testing
Software Testing Exploratory Testing

Defect Analytics

FireFlink offers a dedicated defect analytics section within its platform, allowing for effective tracking of defects throughout a project. This feature provides a comprehensive graphical overview of the entire path of defects, including their behavioral trends. By offering insights into inconsistencies within the platform, defect analytics assists management in making informed decisions.
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Compelling reasons why you should use FireFlink for Defect Management.

Functional Testing

Track Progress

An effective bug tracking procedure keeps your managers updated on the status of all bugs they’re working on.

Unit Testing


Collaboratively visualizing and planning the defect workflow at each stage will support your team in efficiently tracking and fixing defects.

Navigation Report


Email reminders regarding issue fixes, updates, and comments make it easy for your team to stay in the loop.

TestYANTRA Snapshots

Import & Export Defects

Easily manage your defect collection by importing and exporting them between your existing tool and FireFlink.

Raise defect issues and resolve swiftly !

Within the FireFlink platform, defects can be reported from a dedicated bug reporting section, which provides a robust alternative to standard defect reporting processes. When encountering a failed test, simply click the bug icon on the results page to raise the defect. This streamlined process allows you to quickly log the issue, determining whether it’s a mistake in the script or a defect in your application. The FireFlink Analytics section generates an overall summary of defects, providing comprehensive insights into the defect landscape.

Raise defect issues and resolve swiftly