IT TrainingMarch 25, 20220

Salesforce Testing

Location: Bengaluru

Contract Title : Time and Material + Maintenance

Contract Start Date: 1 Mar 2018

Contract Duration:  Ongoing

Contract Value: 

Client Details:

Customer is a leading provider of Protection Solutions with a dominant global presence.

Project Scope:

The customer was reviewing options to setup a single CRM (Salesforce Lightning) instance to maintain their global businesses. Multiple suppliers were engaged in software development and the architecture had become complex due to the consolidation of business units across the globe. The need to identify and establish a well defined QA and governance process for quality improvements was paramount.

Solution Approach
  • Various types of test cases were identified and prepared to cover functionality, integration, user role, and system level requirements.
  • Regression test suites were built to ensure the platform was stable in spite of frequent changes in the application.
  • Automatable test cases were identified to build automation suite.
  • The toolset included for this engagement:
    • Java and Selenium
    • Cucumber, Maven, Test NG
    • Jenkins CI, GitHub
  • The Automation framework is as illustrated:


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