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Regression Test Suite Automation for Telecom Service Provider

Contract Title : Fixed Price Project

Contract Start Date: 1 Mar 2018

Contract Duration: 6 Months

Client Details:

Customer is one of the top 3 Global Telecommunications Services Providers. They are also leaders in implementing 4G Services for approximately 223 million subscribers.

Project Scope: Siebel Communications CRM application designed/implemented to cover Sales, Service and Marketing processes of the organization, enable customer centricity and support the CRM strategy of the organization. The implementation covered the Direct Sales, the Contact Centre (Customer Care), Order Management, Partner Portal, Mobile Number Portability, Marketing Automation & Analytics. To Secure the delivery for Siebel, the application Steal thread coverage includes 260 different flows of applications based on criticality, complexity, and volumetric on production applications.

Solution Approach
  • Test Yantra proposed a home grown, open source, highly customizable and manageable Automation Framework.
  • High priority test cases were identified and a road-map for automation was aligned with impending release cycles.
  • Framework developed in Hybrid design to avail benefits of best practices.
  • Optimal re-usable methods/libraries created with industry coding standards to handle all environments seamlessly with zero modifications at code level.
  • JSCH (Java Secured Channel) used to handle proxy setting.
  • Customizable reports generated to provide visibility and information for all levels; graphs, debug logs, screenshots, etc.
  • Jenkins CI integrated to the framework and Lights Off Mode Execution scheduled.
  • Jenkins Master/Slave setup on local machines for parallel executions

The framework architecture is as illustrated:

  • Reduction in over 864-person hours per circle execution.
  • 50+ undiscovered defects captured through automation.
  • Lights-off mode execution handled through Jenkins to utilize time away from desk effectively.
  • Application differential (Performance, Functional, Configuration and Environmental) on various circles captured easily through execution results.
  • Automation results published to all relevant stake holders (automatically).
  • Repetitive execution helped client capture early defects without manual efforts.

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