Software DevelopmentMarch 18, 20220

Automation solutions for a consumer electronics brand


The client is the second best consumer product maker worldwide. 

Provider of IOT, Smart TV, Mobile, PlayStation, Cameras, Audio/Video Players

Leaders in Platform Gaming Products, Smart TV


Client requirement

The customer was looking for a partner in India to build testing competencies for IoT, Smart TV and PlayStation platform functional and automation testing.

The customer needed solutions to provide automation to reduce manual efforts for data monitoring application.

Automation migration from Java technology to JavaScript technology stack.

Solution on Compatibility Test Suite execution for Android TV and Mobile Devices.

Looking for partners to develop Python testing for platform application mainly on Play Station.



The team engaged with customer on consultation to customize framework on Python.

Partnered to build test automation engineering team to reduce efforts for 2100 manual test cases. Also developed Test Script Development for data monitoring using Page Object Model.

Partnered with development team to introduce Python automation team from 0 to 43 members now, to develop Python scripts, optimised Code quality by introducing Python Analysts. 

Built JavaScript automation teams for migration project, implemented Jasmine framework.

Executed 14 complex compatibility test suits per day for Android platform by developing Python and shell scripts. 

Built accessibility testing team of user manual application of consumer products.

Built a mature testing team of 70 members presently supporting on Python team, JavaScript team and functional testing team. 


Engagement model 

QA Consultation on Automation Framework Development

Build and operate for JavaScript Automation migration project

Build and operate for Automation for Data monitoring application 

Build and operate for tool development provide to provide dashboards for automation work

Fix Bid project for 6 months to execute Compatibility Test Suite


Technologies used 


Language Python JavaScript Shell
Tool Internal Tool Development Migration Compatibility Test Suit, ADB
Framework Plugins Pytest, Pyunit Jasmine, Karma and Protractor Shell Scripting, Pytest
Continuous Execution Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins
Code Version Tools Git, SVN Git, SVN Git


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