Automated software testing -101

Ever thought about how ’Automated Software Testing’ can benefit your business?

Here’s a quick primer you might find useful for your software testing evolution.

Software testing verifies the software functions as intended and meets the requirements set out by the customer. Developers can conduct software testing manually or by writing another piece of code to test the original code. Automated software testing offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased efficiency (repeatability)
  • Reduced costs
  • Great coverage

If you’re not already using automated software testing, you might consider implementing it in your business after reading this article. We’ll take a more detailed look at some of the benefits automated testing can offer and how it can help to improve the quality of your software products.

Manual Software Testing VS Automated Software Testing?

Manual Software Testing

The process of testing software manually, usually by a human, is called manual testing. A tester engineer will execute manual test cases against the customer requirements to validate the software application’s functional and non-functional adherence. A variance between the customer requirement and the actual result is defined as a bug or defect. In this scenario, the tester acts as an end user who uses the assigned manual scripts to determine if the application is compliant with the requirements and workflow.

Automated Software Testing

Automated testing saves time on small and large, complex test cases. By automating the execution of test cases, you can get faster and more accurate results repeatedly with less effort and time. The return on investment when using automated software testing far outweighs the initial investment. Not only does automated software testing save time, but money as well in the long run. And without the chance for human error, work quality throughout testing increases.

There are two primary models for automated software testing; White Box testing and Black Box testing.

White box automated software testing

It’s performed by a software developer that has access to the application programming code. The developer writes a small piece of code that is used to automate the testing of the original target code that is being examined. Once the test code is written, the developer executes the test script to verify that the original code meets the customers’ requirements. Although white box testing is an improvement over manual testing, it requires the tester to be able to write and decode programming language. In addition, a typical developer would be able to create 4 or 5 automated test scripts.

Black box automated software testing 

This can be performed by a developer that does not have access to the applications original software code. The majority of these automated testers will write automated test scripts using a tool like Selenium to automate the test cases. This type of automated testing still requires the tester to be able to write and debug their own test scripts, expect, they simply don’t have access to the application code.

Similar to white box testing, although it is an improvement over manual testing, this type of testing still requires programming knowledge and writing the test scripts can be tedious and slow. A typical automated black box tester will be able to create 4 or 5 scripts per day.

Hyper Automation Software Testing 

Automated black box software testing is evolving. The most advance form of automated software testing unifies manual and automated test cases. Using machine language and artificial intelligence, hyper automation software testing allows a manual tester to use their deep domain and application knowledge to create projects, suites, modules, and test cases using Natural Language Programming (NLP) within a best in class test framework.

The NLP nature of this best-in-class of software testing platform means that a typical manual programmer can create 20 to 25 test cases per day without knowing how to write code! The Hyper Automation Software Testing Platform is the future of testing.

FireFlink Hyper Automated Software Testing Platform

Most people agree that manual software testing is inefficient, time consuming, labor intensive, costly, and prone to missed bugs. FireFlink is a Hyper Automated Software Testing Platform that was purpose built by people in the software testing business for software testers.

The dynamic “plug-and-play” architecture of FireFlink allows you to upgrade your traditional automation test tool like Selenium to a Hyper Automated Software Testing Platform with ease. It contains unlimited manual and automated projects, scenarios, modules, and manual / automated test scripts in a single unified platform. State of the art features such as pre and post condition, cascading, AI based tagging, etc. makes this tool the platform of choice for software testing. Here’s some of the benefits of FireFlink:

  • Developer by professional software testers for the software testers
  • Able to automate web, mobile (Android, IOS), and web services / API, and database
  • Rich AI driven Natural Language Programming (NLP) enables an unlimited number of business flows (scenarios) and test cases without the need of complex and time consuming programming
  • Build automated scripts at 4x the speed of other tools
  • Built-in Element FireFinder reduces test Framework creation from months and years to days
  • Requirements based Business Driven Development (BDD) automated regression testing
  • Single or multiple parallel local and cloud threads to increase test automation and efficiency
  • Dashboard and Analytics provide on-demand view and status of project, scenarios, and scripts
  • AI based FF Optimizer and common script error recommendation
  • Ease of audit, trace, tagging; API’s enable direct integration with Jenkins (CI/CD), Jira, etc.

Why Test Yantra Global for Automated Testing

Test Yantra Global is one of the world’s largest software solutions companies. With 5,000+ dedicated employees, Test Yantra regularly work with various Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to proactively identify software bugs and issues before production release.

Test Yantra Global is an exclusive authorized representative of FireFlink in North America.

Get in touch with us and find out how we can automate 500 of your test cases for free! We would be happy to provide a free basic FireFlink license to experience the power of our Hyper Automation Test Platform (no cost or obligation).

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