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The quality of any software project or application is defined primarily by its capability of handling the required business flows within a suitable and efficient user experience. Any hiccups or inefficiencies in the flow of information create frustrated users and cost to the business. That’s why rigorous testing of the application before it’s released is crucial.

Introducing Crowdsourced Testing Solution.

Crowdsourced testing (aka “crowdtesting”) solutions bring together a vast network of remote geographically diverse testers who possess varying skills and devices. This approach allows companies to test their products on a variety of individuals, operating systems, browsers, and devices very quickly. Crowdtesting ensures greater application stability before the software is launched to the market. It can also identify regional or cultural differences that may affect the product’s user experience.

This type of Black-Box testing enables companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of how their product performs in real-world scenarios and how it is perceived by a large and diverse user base. It helps in identifying defects, bugs, and usability issues that may have gone unnoticed using traditional testing methods. The goal of crowdtesting is to simulate real-world usage of a product, uncovering any problems that may arise in various environments and from various user perspectives. The crowdtesting process also allows companies to receive feedback from end-users in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What are the Benefits of Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdtesting is becoming an increasingly popular method of testing due to its many benefits.

  • OnDemand Scalability: It provides easy scalability for companies to a pool of certified end-user testers at short notice, reducing the time-to-market of their products (1,000+ people available within a day or two).
  • Time and Cost-efficient:  leveraging a large group of testers, the amount of time required to test a product can be significantly reduced, reducing the cost of development and release.

Diverse review  Crowdtesting also offers a unique and diverse perspective on a product, as testers come from a variety of geographic and demographic backgrounds that have different levels of technical expertise. This allows for much more comprehensive testing of a product, uncovering issues that may have been missed by traditional methods.

Crowdtesting LifeCycle

Crowdsourced Testing Salient Features

  • Highly Scale on demand; fast turnaround times
  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Increased accuracy
  • Broader test coverage
  • Diverse background and comprehensive range of skillsets
  • Global audiences

Who needs Crowdsourced Testing solutions?

Crowdsourced Testing is a necessity and important solution for companies that are launching time-sensitive products, such as mobile applications and web-based platforms with UI, UX issues and software bugs. to review their software and receive feedback, and make necessary changes before their products go live.

Crowdtesting is a valuable process and tool for companies looking to improve the quality, usability, and user experience of their products. It enables companies to receive quick and comprehensive feedback from a large and diverse group of testers, allowing them to identify and address any issues before their products go live.

Why TestYantra Global for Crowdsourced Testing?

Test Yantra Global is one of the world’s largest software solutions companies. With 5,000+ dedicated employees, Test Yantra regularly works with various software development companies and Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to proactively identify software bugs and issues before the production release.

Our Crowdtesting enables a team of 25 to 1,000 certified software testers with diverse devices, browsers, and environments to concurrently validate and confirm the functionality, performance, and security of your application. Implementing a large pool of crowdtesting resources with varied devices and environments, directed by specialized software testing moderators, enables us to find functional and non-functional gaps and bugs that a traditional software testing team cannot find.

Our Crowdtesting team uses industry-leading technology, tools, processes, and best-in-class methodologies to quickly and efficiently identify defects and bugs. Our exclusive FireFlink representation agreement allows us to use the latest and most efficient crowdtesting tools available on the planet!

Get in touch with us and find out how we can automate 500 of your test cases for free! We would be happy to provide a free basic FireFlink license to experience the power of our Hyper Automation Test Platform (no cost or obligation).

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