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The name

Yantra (यन्त्र) is the Sanskrit word for ‘machine’ or ‘instrument’. The word ‘yantra’ (यन्त्र) is derived from the root ‘yam’ meaning to sustain, hold or support. ‘Test Yantra’ symbolizes the automated and expert contrivance that harnesses the energy and experience of the organization to make our client’s business successful through a full suite of IT services.

About Test Yantra Global

With its humble beginnings in the early 2000’s helping customers with software testing and training services, Test Yantra Global has grown into a global conglomerate with subbrands under its umbrella, offering a full suite of exceptional Digital Transformation and IT services to its clients.


Technoelevate is focussed on software development services and is involved in product design, development, and deployment. With close to two decades of experiance, TechnoElevate has industry leading talent and best-in-class global expertise to deliver high-end Software Design and Development to Digitally Transform your business. 

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Test Yantra Software Testing organizatoin is one of the largest independent verification and validation companies in the world. Test Yantra offers a suite of software testing tools, methologies, and resources to improve the quality assurance of your applications. Our application, automation, performance, and security testing services provide the confidence to digitally transformation your business quickly and effectively.

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QSpiders is Test Yantra Global’s instructor led training brand. Qspider is one of the largest providers of remote learning and classroom based instructor led technology training courses. Corporations around the world regularly hire our trained and certified graduates. To date, we have trained more than 600,000 graduates.

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A finishing school from Test Yantra Global, Elevate’s IT Skills Development, SkillRary remote learning and assessment platform helps businesses and individuals. Businesses can use the SkillRary platform to educate their learner through standard or customized courses, and live or pre-recorded courses. The assessment element of SkillRary provides feedback on knowledge transfer and retention. Novice and experienced learners can use the library of various business and technology courses to upskills and reskill, hone their technical skills and elevate their careers.

Our team of professional educators have leveraged the SkillRary platform to bridge the gap between knowledge and industry requirements by helping hundreds of thousands of people build the skills that they require to succeed.

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Test Yantra’s Fireflink product is our game-changing platform agnostic, AI, ML-driven, scriptless automation tool. Its revolutionary AI technology enables faster test creation and execution – at a lower cost.

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Test Yantra’s AutomateOps product provides best-in-class software development and operations framework (DevOps). The culture, tools, and methodologies form the basis for Test Yantra’s DevOps toolkit. DevOps shortens the system development lifecyle by providing Continueous Integration (CI) and Contineious Delivery (CD) of high-quality software and functionality.

AutomateOps perfects DevOps by embedding 15+ years of development experience into an operating model. Our DevOps teams have a significant amount of experience with DevOps tool, including; JENKINS, GIT, SELENIUM, NAGIOS, PUPPET, ELK STACK, ANSIBLE, DOCKER, SPLUNK, and CHEF.

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