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Test Yantra Global provides a range of innovative technology solutions to digitally transform your organization.

Our Services & Industries

We provide industry-specific services and solutions expertise to Global brands across a range of verticals.

Some of the industries that we have worked with are :

We deliver IT solutions in a wide variety of verticals and elevate businesses to the next level.

Our customized and curated training models help organizations elevate their IT quotient.

We offer cost-effective, reliable and scalable software testing services.

Our team of experts help you craft a winning IT strategy for your organization


At the forefront of innovation

Test Yantra Global provides industry leading expertise and advanced technology solution to Digitally Transform leading brands across various industries. Connect with one of our Expert Solutions Specialist to see how Test Yantra can give your organization a leading edge.

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If you have the idea we will find the right way

We're here to inform which tactics need funding and which aredrain resources. Real-time will have multiple touchpoints.


We enable you to digitally transform  your business to help you create the company of your dreams.